07 April 2017

Do you suffer from online insecurity?

Do you know the causes and symptoms of illnesses like a heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure? Most likely you do since these illnesses are so common. But what about lesser known illnesses? You are aware that they exist and that they could have severe consequences, but most likely you are not going to worry about them until it is too late.

16 March 2017

JumpStart Georgia Is Launching New Project

With the support of East-West Management Institute, Jumpstart is launching it’s new project - Air Filter. This project aims to create and support a network of organizations and committed individuals to plan and implement joint advocacy efforts to reduce air pollution. was established to create a one-stop online platform where people can not only get information about air pollution in a very colorful and engaging way, but can also find out how they can pledge to get involved in solving this issue with small changes in their everyday habits. Pledges will be actions that everyone can easily undertake such as reconsidering your routes to work or school, choosing a more eco friendly transportation means, and becoming a more responsible consumer.

07 February 2017

The Search for a Transparent National Budget

Since September, I’ve been working on a fascinating project to create an online interactive visualization of the Georgian Budget (it’s currently in Beta, so let us know if you find any bugs). I’m a web developer at JumpStart Georgia, and my colleagues and I have spent many hours making sense of budget data that we obtained from the Ministry of Finance (MoF). Of all the projects I’ve worked on at JumpStart, this has been the most fulfilling, both because it’s presented me with some difficult technical challenges, and because our goal seems worthwhile. After all, it’s just common sense: the average Georgian citizen (or any citizen, for that matter) should have an easy way to learn about their government’s spending habits.

11 December 2016

Coloring Communication with Data 2017

My colleagues and I think that it is time to have something more than just workshops and seminars regarding the importance of data and data driven communication. Something that is hands on and will let you experience the excitement of working with people with diverse skill sets and creative ideas. This is when we thought of a hackathon and its model as one of the most engaging ways of showing how technologies and data can coexist in one's work.

13 November 2016

The chronicles of freedom of information - Part 2

As a person who spends most of her time requesting and processing data, as well as explaining to the general public the importance of open data, I am grateful for the freedom of information services that the government agencies provide. However, given our experiences with the process, I wonder if the agencies themselves understand the importance of publicly available information or care about the process in which they deliver the information to the public.

06 October 2016

15 mistakes we make when working with text

Typography, which means arranging and styling symbols in the text, is an important part of the design as color, composition, and graphic elements. However, often text, and therefore, typography, have not been given enough attention and are perceived as a separate design element.

27 September 2016

Crowdsourcing Georgian Election Data For Accountability

JumpStart welcomes any and all support for this effort, including YOUR time. By volunteering your time to digitize even a small number of precinct ballot protocols, you will help us achieve our goal.

08 September 2016

The chronicles of freedom of information

I request different kinds of data from various state agencies almost every week. This process includes writing up our request and sending it to a special e-mail address, since every government agency is required to have a working FOI email or web request. Unfortunately, this process is often exhausting, emotional, and even comic. We often have to wait longer for the request than the legal 10-day timeframe, we get only half of the information we asked for, or even have our requests lost in the process. Every agency has its own approach to these kind of requests and, in many cases, it is difficult for us to get the data that we need.

08 September 2016

Meet our new communications coordinator

Hello! My name is Qristina Parjiani, and I am JumpStart’s new Communications Coordinator. Since 2012, I have been actively watching JumpStart’s activities to see how they’ve tried to tell stories creatively using data and design . I am excited to be a member of JumpStart’s team and hope to make communication with our readers more engaging.

26 August 2016

JumpStart is announcing a vacancy for the position of Curriculum Developer & Coding Instructor

We are looking for a part-time curriculum developer/instructor who will work with JumpStart Georgia’s staff for the next year. The instructor will create session plans and training materials on coding and computer science.

18 August 2016

Jumpstart is hiring a Junior Designer!

We are looking for a Junior Designer that will continue JumpStart's quality visual designs through infographics, factographs, interactives, and any other medium that we deem is best to tell the story. Application deadline is 10 September 2016.

16 August 2016

Apply to be JumpStart's next Executive Director!

JumpStart is hiring its next Executive Director. We are looking for a candidate with a passion for communicating social issues through creative design, prior experience running an NGO, and willingness to be based in Tbilisi. Application deadline is 15 September 2016.