50 Women Fight for Change: A Story That Still Continues

29 February 2016

50 Women Fight for Change: A Story That Still Continues


Last November, Georgian representatives of the Heinrich Boell Foundation visited JumpStart. Tamuna and Etuna, who work on gender democracy at the Foundation, wanted to tell everyone about the success of one of their projects: profiling the lives and work of 50 women in Georgia. 

Initially the project started as a collection of postcards telling the stories of 50 women who altered Georgia through their work during the 19th and 20th centuries. These women  were writers, actresses, sportswomen, and other public figures, despite harsh stereotypes about women’s abilities.  One literal trailblazer was Aleksandra Japaridze, a mountain climber who conquered almost all the major peaks of the Caucasus, founded Georgian alpinism, and was the first woman to set foot on the Georgian mountains Tetnuldi and Ushba.
You can learn more about Aleksandra and other 49 women on the project’s website

After  the “50 Georgian Women” postcards were published, the Boell Foundation hosted a series of public lectures about gender and feminism in Georgia and Armenia, and produced number of publications as well as a documentary film. The project team also held meetings with the City Council of Tbilisi in order to rename more streets of Tbilisi after prominent Georgian women. You can learn more about the success of the project from the infographic that we created for the Boell Foundation. 

These 50 women challenged many stereotypes about gender roles in Georgia, but the fight they started is still going on. Beginning on March 1st, JumpStart will initiate a 8-day long campaign to continue the discussion about pressing issues of gender inequality in Georgia. Join our campaign in social media and share your stories using the hashtags:  ‪#‎IWD2016‬ ‪#‎rightsnotflowers‬ ‪#‎8მარტი‬ ‪#‎უფლებებიყვავილებისნაცვლად‬