Election Data Goes Live!

27 August 2012

Author: eric

Election Data Goes Live!


For the first time in Georgia, any organization, be it non-governmental, journalistic, public, or commercial can access election result information as well as voter list information online and in an easy way.

Over the past several months JumpStart Georgia has, with funding from the National Democratic Institute in Georgia, been working hard to take the Central Election Commission's raw data and curate it in a variety of ways that the public can more readily consume be it visually, in tabular format, or even in its raw format.

There is a lot of data. These records include not only summary data for each presidential, parliamentary, local, snap-election, and voter list since 2008, but each set is broken down by candidate/party and additional indicators including total turnout, percent total turnout, and votes per minute. In addition, each indicator for each election can be perused by region, district, or precinct. The data is available in Georgian and English.

Each view, each indicator is sharable using online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Moreover, visitors can export each map and each set of data they are looking at. The map is exportable in SVG format to make it easier to edit and design for a variety of publications. The data is downloadable in Excel and CSV formats, making it quite usable to as large an audience as possible.

One of the greatest things about this application is that while it succeeds at making the information explorable for the majority of visitors, it assumes that there are those who will want the raw data to go further than the application currently does.

Currently, we are working to prepare the application to showcase precinct results as they are announced by the CEC during parliamentary elections on 1 October 2012. We believe this will be of value not just to local media, NGOs, and the public, but also to the international community as well as they seek to follow the elections in October.

JumpStart Georgia’s Election Data application will be sharing the Election Portal with a number of Georgian NGO’s observing, researching, analyzing, and reporting on the upcoming Georgian parliamentary elections in October, including ISFED, GYLA, Transparency International Georgia, and the National Democratic Institute in Georgia.