JumpStart Georgia Is Launching New Project

16 March 2017

JumpStart Georgia Is Launching New Project


Have you heard about Georgia’s air pollution issues? Of course you have, but what exactly do you know about it? Do you know where the pollution comes from, what are the main polluters, how bad is the air pollution, what data exists about pollution, or, most importantly, what is your individual role in this problem?


We at JumpStart Georgia did not have the answers to these questions and that is why we decided to address this issue. Together with partner organizations,  we want to work to help society to better understand the real story behind air pollution in Georgia.


With the support of East-West Management Institute, Jumpstart is launching it’s new project - Air Filter. This project aims to create and support a network of organizations and committed individuals to plan and implement joint advocacy efforts to reduce air pollution. Filter.ge was established to create a one-stop online platform where people can not only get information about air pollution in a very colorful and engaging way, but can also find out how they can pledge to get involved in solving this issue with small changes in their everyday habits. Pledges will be actions that everyone can easily undertake such as reconsidering your routes to work or school, choosing a more eco friendly transportation means, and becoming a more responsible consumer.  


#YouCreateYourEnvironment is the hashtag and the main idea behind this project. All of us need to acknowledge the responsibilities we have as a citizens of Georgia and the planet. JumpStart Georgia, together with our partner organizations who are experts in this field, will try to help you become more active and environmentally friendly citizen!


Help us raise awareness regarding air pollution in Georgia! Join our community and create the environment you want to live in!