JumpStart releases free new tool for survey data analysis

04 April 2016

Author: jason.addie

JumpStart releases free new tool for survey data analysis


Xtraktr - find, share, explore and visualized your dataAt JumpStart Georgia, we spend a lot of time searching for and analyzing data in order to create infographics, interactives, stories, and helpful tools. Sometimes we get our hands on survey data, which is usually stored in a statistical software data file (i.e., SPSS or STATA), which, unfortunately, requires very expensive software and extensive statistical knowledge to properly process and analyze.

JumpStart needs to be able to quickly process and analyze survey data to see if there is anything of value, and given our status as an NGO, we also need to accomplish this analysis on a very limited budget - ideally at no cost. Unfortunately, our search for existing tools to assist us with analyzing survey data has been futile.

Luckily, a solution presented itself when UNICEF Georgia approached JumpStart with the desire to put their survey data online in a way that allowed anyone to easily analyze, visualize, share, and embed their survey data. We saw this as an opportunity to not only build a tool for UNICEF Georgia, but to build one that anyone with survey data could use.

The solution was Xtraktr, a FREE online tool that allows anyone with survey data to upload their data, easily analyze, and visualize the results. We used the Xtraktr framework to generate UNICEF Georgia’s data portal site, which currently has 13 surveys and over 3,300 questions that can be analyzed by anyone with an internet connection.

Xtraktr has many features. It can:

  • Give you access to many settings like editing the question and answer text, grouping questions, setting categorical and numerical types, and applying weights.
  • Deliver an easy-to-use interface to pick one or more questions to analyze.
  • Visualize the analysis with bar charts, pie charts, histograms or maps that can all be downloaded or embedded onto other websites.
  • Allow you to release to the public not only your report on the survey findings but the survey data itself.
  • Offer you the ability to have the survey question and answer text translated into as many languages as you desire.
  • Provide you with the peace of mind of having an online repository of all of your datasets thus eliminating the fear of a computer crash resulting in the lost of your data files.

Best of all, Xtraktr is FREE to use!!!

Whether you are the creator of survey data, the consumer of survey data, or both, Xtraktr can help you.

  • NGOs/non-profits - analyze your data without the need for expensive software
  • Media organizations - download or embed charts for use in your broadcasts, print material, and online articles
  • University students and professors - analyze your data without needing to be a statistician
  • Governments - translate your data into all of your constituents’ languages

To find out more about how Xtraktr can help you, please contact me at jason.addie@jumpstart.ge to learn more.

Xtraktr is still in active development so if you have suggestions on additional features, please let us know!