Meet our new communications coordinator

08 September 2016

Meet our new communications coordinator


Hello! My name is Qristina Parjiani, and I am JumpStart’s new Communications Coordinator. Since 2012, I have been actively watching JumpStart’s activities to see how they’ve tried to tell stories creatively using data and design . I am excited to be a member of JumpStart’s team and hope to make communication with our readers more engaging.


I’ve been aware of JumpStart’s work for several years. When I worked for the NGO, Regional Development Center, we had a meeting with residents of one of the districts in Gori. Often, conversations in Gori end with discussions about Stalin. The young people tried to explain about the large number of Stalin’s victims to the city’s older residents, but their arguments were not convincing. During the discussion, a girl took a paper from her bag. It was a printed version of JumpStart’s infographic about Stalin. She read facts and numbers about Stalin’s victims and named the information’s sources. The discussion changed immediately. I remembered the case when I saw the Communications Coordinator job announcement on JumpStart’s Facebook page and I decided to apply because I appreciate the difference good reporting can make

I am a journalist by training. I graduated from Tbilisi State University’s faculty of social and political sciences with a major in journalism. I earned a Masters degree at GIPA in journalism and media management. For 2 years, I worked at Tabula TV as a reporter where I often covered politics and social issues. During the past year, I worked at Regional Development Center as a Communication and Project Manager.

I have big plans at JumpStart. I love the informative, diverse stories our team creates and I would like to introduce these stories to as many people as possible. I want to make communication with our readers more informal and interesting. I hope to have more activities in Georgia’s regions and make new friends for JumpStart.

I would like to receive your ideas: what do you like about JumpStart, what can be improved, what kind of stories are interesting for you? Feel free to contact me and share your opinion on Facebook or