#sharetheroad - Think of others before you park!

14 May 2016

#sharetheroad - Think of others before you park!


Sometimes there is nothing better than walking in Tbilisi during early mornings with just the street sweepers out or in late summer evenings when the city is not packed with people and cars. But at times when Tbilisi residents go to work or school, walking becomes an extreme sport: we have to squeeze ourselves between cars parked on sidewalks or at zebra crossings, walk on the road with fast-moving vehicles, or, if we are truly unlucky, we might even get hit by a car moving on the sidewalk. Walking in Tbilisi becomes even more challenging when you are moving with a wheelchair or baby stroller.

Last year, our office was on Shevchenko Street, at the corner of Lesia Ukrainka. JumpStart’s illustrator, Ia Ninoshvili, used to walk to work passing School #1. On the narrow turn to our street, there was almost always a car parked on the sidewalk blocking either the ramp, zebra crossing, and/or sidewalk. Once Ia got so angry with the driver that she decided to write a letter for them. She typed the text in her mobile phone. Leaving out her anger and aggression, she tried to explain to the driver in a calm and friendly manner why the car parked in this way was causing problems for pedestrians.  

When she came to the office, Ia decided to print out the text and leave it on the car. But the letter was quite long, and we feared the driver would throw it away without even reading it. To solve this problem, we decided to do what we love most: create a visualization!

That’s how we created cards for drivers who park cars so that they block sidewalks. We think that fighting, swearing, leaving messages with lipstick on windshields, or any other aggressive form of expressing our frustration or anger won’t change the situation. That’s why we have taken alternative steps. Using positive, friendly cards, we show drivers the pedestrians’ perspective and explain why it’s not acceptable to park on sidewalks, zebra crossings, and ramps, even for a few minutes, even when there are not any available parking spots, and so on. We think that friendly cards will make it easier for drivers to hear us and change their behavior.

You can join our initiative by printing out the illustrations, folding and turning them into cards, and leaving them for drivers who park their cars in a way that makes it challenging for you to walk.
Let’s remind drivers to #sharetheroad and think of others when they choose a place to park a car. Even though the problems of urban planning, lack of parking space, and increasing number of vehicles need to be solved, we still need to take care of each other.


You can download the samples from here: http://j.mp/sharetheroadGeorgia   

We have eight cards for the following situations:

1. Car is blocking a ramp for a baby stroller: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_01

2. Car is parked on a ramp blocking the road for a person in a wheelchair: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_02

3. Car is parked on a ramp blocking the road for a person with a baby stroller: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_03

4. Car is blocking the road for a person in a wheelchair: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_04

5. Car is parked on sidewalk  blocking the road for elders: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_05

6. Car is parked on a sidewalk: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_06

7. Car is parked on a zebra crossing blocking the road for a person in a wheelchair: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_07  

8. Car is parked on a zebra crossing: http://j.mp/sharetheroad_08