Tune in to JumpStart's radio stories

13 June 2016

Author: rachel.post

Tune in to JumpStart's radio stories


Do you commute to work? How do you fight boredom while stuck in Tbilisi’s notorious traffic jams? 

A few years ago, I spent over two hours a day commuting to work by car. To keep myself entertained on the road, I listened to my car radio. One of the local radio stations in Maine features a program called The Maine Green Minute. Every day, The Maine Green Minute focuses on a different environmental topic, such as pollution or energy use. In just a one-minute broadcast, a reporter would explain how the average citizen could change their behavior to be more environmentally friendly. I learned something new every day - and got to listen to my favorite music as well!

At JumpStart Georgia, we’re always looking to find new ways to share our stories and engage a range of audiences. Most of JumpStart’s supporters find and interact with our infographics online, but almost half of all Georgians do not have regular internet access. In order to expand knowledge of JumpStart’s research, we have to go offline. So why not share our stories over the radio? 

Nanuka, one of JumpStart’s communications interns, took the lead on this project. She dove into our Feradi Info archives, researched content, and wrote four one-minute radio stories on current social issues in Georgia. Thanks to our friends at Chai Khana, we were able to record these stories for broadcast.

The next time you’re stuck in traffic, try tuning in to JumpStart’s radio stories. You can listen to our first four programs on SoundCloud or on Helping Hand’s Community Radio. Audio files are available in both Georgian and English. Happy listening!