The Value of Knowing Where the Bus Stops Are

21 July 2011

Author: eric

The Value of Knowing Where the Bus Stops Are


We want to give a big thanks today to the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC) for sharing geo data with us and supporting our project TbiliCity. They have made large contribution of current bus routing and bus stop data, saving us, and potentially other organizations, the pain of reinventing this wheel - a wheel originally paid for with public tax payer money. This is what we are having to do with marshrutkas. Hey, if not us, who would do this?

As part of our project TbiliCity, we want to take a whack at making Tbilisi's public transportation information usable and accessible to, well, everyone. One way of doing this is just mapping out routes. TTC, by making the data available, is opening up the playing field for the development of all kinds of applications.

Because the city invests public taxpayer money into public transportation, for these types of tools, the limiting factor should not be access to the information itself, but the creativity in responding to bus riders' needs.

People want a tool to make their lives easier - to allow themselves to do something they couldn't before. With public transportation, this can take many forms, but right now the tools are severely lacking.

As local residents see what other cities have and are doing via this new-fangled thing called the Internet, they are demanding more and improved localized web applications delivering services that simplify their lives.

We plan to post a cleaned up set of data on our site soon. While this data will be a snapshot of a complicated and changing set of processes, we think it will be valuable to the public. By knowing where the bus stops are, there is a lot developers can do. Who benefits? Everyone!

With data in hand, look forward to new tools for Tbilisi's buses coming soon to a web application near you!