Visualizing for Data-driven Advocacy: New Partners, New Projects

15 April 2014

Author: cristina

Visualizing for Data-driven Advocacy: New Partners, New Projects


Over the past several months, JumpStart has been hard at work launching the project Visualizing for Data-Driven Advocacy. Within the framework of this exciting new project, we have teamed up with four local civil society organizations to add value to their advocacy campaigns through data analysis and visualization. Not only have we provided monthly trainings and educational material so that our partners can learn to run effective advocacy campaigns using data, but we’ve lent our expertise in data collection, analysis and visualization to their efforts. Over the coming months, we expect to see the creation of several visual, interactive tools that will aid our partners in carrying out their campaigns more effectively.

The lucky organizations currently partnering with JumpStart Georgia are:


1.   Accessible Environment for Everyone- Is an organization whose mission is to provide assistance to and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, and to work to ensure equal access to all public services enjoyed by other members of society.

2.   Charity Humanitarian Organization Abkhazeti- Is a non-governmental organization that works to increase the role of individuals and communities in building civil society and strengthening democracy and to improve the social and economic conditions of internally displaced and other vulnerable populations through building capacity and increasing self-reliance.

3. Is a social enterprise that focuses on protecting the environment by developing a system for waste recycling in Georgia.  

4.    Tiflis Hamqari- Is an organization that advocates for the protection of historic buildings and neighborhoods in Tbilisi.