16 August 2016

Important Announcement: Eric Barrett is stepping down as Executive Director

After 4.5 years, Eric Barrett has decided to step down as Executive Director of JumpStart Georgia to explore new opportunities. He will continue his affiliation with JumpStart as a member of our Board of Directors and as a volunteer.

02 August 2016

4 keys to creating a good infographic

Infographics and data visualizations have become new buzzwords in journalism, analytics, and communication. Visuals grab more attention, they are popular, and help you reach bigger audiences more effectively than a long textual report or article.

01 August 2016

Are you getting the best exchange rate?

Lari Explorer logoMoney exchange places are available all over town and the exchange rates can vary widely. So how do you know if you are getting a good rate?

05 July 2016

Why it’s time to ditch the 30 page report

You spend months working on an issue you care about. You research it. And then, at the end of your project, you write a report to share your valuable conclusions.

13 June 2016

Tune in to JumpStart's radio stories

Do you commute to work? How do you fight boredom while stuck in Tbilisi’s notorious traffic jams? 

03 June 2016

3 Simple Steps to avoid lying with the data visualization

Visualizing your data is the best way to communicate complex information to your audience. However, consciously or unconsciously, by disregarding some basic rules of data visualization, you might create misleading charts for your audience. This blogpost looks at 3 simple steps you can take to avoid lying with data visualizations. 

 1. Start the Y axis with 0

14 May 2016

#sharetheroad - Think of others before you park!

Sometimes there is nothing better than walking in Tbilisi during early mornings with just the street sweepers out or in late summer evenings when the city is not packed with people and cars.

28 April 2016

5 most common chart types and when to use them

Do you frequently find yourself in a situation when you have a chunk of data but don’t know how to present it? Do you have a rough time choosing the right chart from the dozen of options that spreadsheet programs offer you? There are bars, columns, lines, pies, areas, maps, and more. Which one is best to use? How can you fit your needs into the visualization and make the chart communicate your desired message?  

First, ask yourself these questions: 

05 April 2016

Politics in Numbers: a new data portal about political party finances in Georgia

As 2016 is an election year in Georgia, we thought it was time to make political party finances transparent and accessible for Georgian voters prior to the elections. As a US State Department exchange program alumna, I was eligible to apply for a grant for Digital Communication Network Program participants. With my fellow program participant, Keti Bojgua from TV Imedi, I decided to apply JumpStart’s experience in data communication and visualization to open up important data stored in reports and various data-files about Georgian politics.

04 April 2016

JumpStart releases free new tool for survey data analysis

Xtraktr - find, share, explore and visualized your dataAt JumpStart Georgia, we spend a lot of time searching for and analyzing data in order to create infographics, interactives, stories, and helpful tools.

29 February 2016

50 Women Fight for Change: A Story That Still Continues

Last November, Georgian representatives of the Heinrich Boell Foundation visited JumpStart. Tamuna and Etuna, who work on gender democracy at the Foundation, wanted to tell everyone about the success of one of their projects: profiling the lives and work of 50 women in Georgia. 

19 February 2016

JumpStart's Valentine Day Cards

JumpStart is not all serious data and news these days. You may have noticed a number of beautiful and funny Valentine's Day cards last week. Sometimes, we need to do something that is purely fun. The team took a quick break in the midst of a mountain of work to brainstorm some truly Georgian Valentine's Day wishes. JumpStart's illustrator Ia Ninoshvili designed them to express our love for Georgia. Did you feel the love?