21 July 2011

The Value of Knowing Where the Bus Stops Are

We want to give a big thanks today to the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC) for sharing geo data with us and supporting our project TbiliCity. They have made large contribution of current bus routing and bus stop data, saving us, and potentially other organizations, the pain of reinventing this wheel - a wheel originally paid for with public tax payer money. This is what we are having to do with marshrutkas. Hey, if not us, who would do this?

14 April 2011

JumpStart Georgia’s Data Now Live on Google Map Maker

Over the last several years I have heard thousands of complaints and questions by disappointed Georgians and foreigners alike who, while researching Georgia online sooner or later stumble upon the question: Why is Georgia not on Google Maps? Where is Georgia on Google Maps? These questions became increasingly pointed at Google representatives themselves following the Georgian-Russian conflict in 2008.

21 March 2011

Mashing Georgia's Collective Data

Today Transparency International Georgia launched, an online tool that allows residents of Tbilisi highlight concerns and publicly report problems about their is an iteration of MySociety's that has been highly successful in putting tools in the hands of U.K.

26 January 2011

A Year of Mapping Georgia

At last, we’ve finally packaged up our Georgia map data! I’m particularly excited, as this represents the culmination of over a year of work by hundreds of people, and the result is one of the best, and certainly the most up to date map that exists of Georgia. It’s truly amazing how so many people have come together to work on this project, mapping their own towns and regions with the local knowledge that no one else could possibly have.

This video shows over a year of work, as our mappers gradually expanded the map to cover an immense amount of space.

07 December 2010

Part Three – Getting the Data Out There

This is part three of a three-part series about online maps in Georgia. In my previous installments I covered the basic of online map providers and compared the maps for Georgia. So as I’ve tried to describe, there are a number of platforms out there where we’d like to see maps of Georgia. In this final installment, I’ll try to answer some of the questions that I am most commonly asked. Here it goes!

Why are you mapping Georgia?

03 December 2010

Shopping for information with your tax money

If you give your child 10 lari and tell her to go to the store to buy some bread, khachapuri and tomatoes, then when she returns you probably expect her to have bread, khachapuri, tomatoes and about five lari in change. If she came back with bread, tomatoes, and one lari, you'd probably expect one of two things to have happened. Either she paid too much for the food, or that she pocketed some of the money. In any case, you would not be happy with the results.

29 November 2010

Online Maps

Online maps are getting more and more pervasive these days, thanks in large part to the brilliant engineers at Google and Microsoft, and no less the nascent neo-geographer movement and the overall democratization of maps. I get a lot of questions nowadays about online maps in Georgia along the lines of: Why are you mapping Georgia? Why isn’t Georgia on Google Maps? Will we have Google Street View in Georgia soon? Why doesn’t the government take care of this?