Film Screening: From My Point of View & Unseen Wars


On Thursday 06 March, JumpStart Georgia will host a screening of two documentary films, From My Point of View and Unseen War, created by the Tactical Tech Collective. These two films are the second and third episodes of the documentary film series Exposing the Invisible by Tactical Tech. The first episode, Our Currency is Information, was screened by JumpStart Georgia on 13 February 2013. 

From My Point of View documents the investigative stories of three different people. In each case, their investigations started with a personal question or an attempt to look at a problem from an unexplored angle. Their focal areas range from Syria's 'YouTube Conflict', to urban land grabbing in Lebanon, and home demolitions in East Jerusalem.  Unseen War, the third and final film, changes the angle slightly, and explores the subject of invisibility -- both physical, moral and political -- in the context of US drone strikes in Pakistan.

Following the film, JumpStart Georgia will host a group discussion during which we will talk about how to use the tools featured in the movie, and how these tools could be adapted for the work of journalists and investigators in Georgia. If you are interested in investigative journalism and information activism, join us at 19.30pm on Thursday for this exciting event.

JumpStart Georgia has had the privilege to work with Tactical Tech, an organization dedicated to the use of information in activism. Tactical Tech and JumpStart both focus on the use of data, design and technology in campaigning, and last year JumpStart Georgia participated in TT’s Info Activism camp, hosted in Italy from 23-30 June.

The movie will be played in English with Russian subtitles. Spaces are limited so please RSVP here  to reserve your seat.