JumpStart Georgia is recruiting Research Interns


JumpStart Georgia is recruiting motivated, independent, and enthusiastic research interns to assist the JumpStart team with its data visualization and visual communication projects. 

Responsibilities and duties: 
- Researching and analysing data;
- Participating in the creation of concepts for interactive and static visuals (samples: feradi.info/visualizations);
- Participating in the planning and creation of multimedia stories (samples: storybuilder.jumpstart.ge);
- Contributing ideas to the editorial meetings (samples: feradi.info/en/ideas);
- Assisting the JumpStart staff in different projects and activities, as needed. 

Requirements and skills: 
- Interest and knowledge of current affairs in Georgia, South Caucasus and beyond. 
- Ability and willingness to learn new things and get new skills; 
- Being able to work with data; 
- Good knowledge of English.

Interns will be provided with the initial training and ongoing mentorship during their internship. 

Duration of the internship: August 1 - November 30, 2014; 
                                      25-40 hours per week. 

This is unpaid position. To apply for it, please, fill out this form before July 22, 2014. 

Good luck!  

07/07/2014 - 16:30 to 21/07/2014 - 18:00