Public Workshop: How do you manage technical and design-oriented projects?


JumpStart invites you to share our discussion on how to manage technical and design-oriented projects. More and more journalists and civil society organizations are collaborating with programmers, designers, and artists to create more engaging media for better communication. JumpStart has gained significant experience in managing technical and design oriented-projects and would like to share our lessons learned, what practices we think work better, insight into workflow, and more. We'd love to hear your experiences, bad and good and how you have approached managing such projects.

Some topics: outsourcing versus hiring internally, managing a data journalism team, workflow: applying agile practices in management; quality control, ownership and sustainability, meeting deadlines, capacity building, and more.

The workshop will be held at 3pm (15.00) on Friday, 11 July, in the Multimedia Education Centre.

Address: 10a Alexsandre Chavchavadze 0108 Tbilisi.

The workshop will be held in English.