We Advocate

We are vocal about the benefits of open government and open data in a transparent and participatory society.

An open government is one that is proactively transparent about is activities and the information it collects. In addition, an open government proactively seeks to include its citizens in its processes and activities.

We have a vision for an open and participatory Georgian government!

We Create

We create tools, visualizations, and data that communicate, engage, and impact society.

Engaging audiences is more than just building a fancy website or graphic. We build tools that solve real-world problems by transforming data into engaging media that communicates. Be it infographics, interactive and exploratory data-driven web applications, video, mixed media storytelling, and more, the tool should allow organizations to achieve their objectives by communicating messages properly.

We Educate

We partner with organizations to strengthen advocacy campaigns through the visual representation of data.

We conduct trainings and workshops with a wide range of organizations to strengthen their ability to use data. By focusing on the three main components - collecting data, analyzing data, communicating data - we provide a flexible template that organizations can apply to their projects as well as to their organization.