We Advocate

We are vocal about the benefits of open government and open data in a transparent and participatory society.

An open government is one that is proactively transparent about its activities and the information it collects. In addition, an open government proactively seeks to include its citizens in its processes and activities.

We support the Sunlight Foundation's guidelines on open data and advocate for the Georgian government to adhere to those principles.

We have a vision for an open and participatory Georgian government! We work in consort with civil society organizations and government representatives to communicate our vision.

We are actively engaged in:

  • improving Georgia's freedom of information laws and their implementation
  • improving Georgian citizens' integration of open data principles in all its activities to bridge the gap between Georgians and their data in government
  • improving the communication between Georgian citizens and their government using modern standards and technologies that are open
  • raising awareness among Georgians about the benefits of a transparent and proactively open government
  • working with civil society organizations and the media to use freedom of information laws and open data to investigate and inform the public
01/11/2012 to 31/10/2013
01/02/2011 to 12/06/2012
01/10/2010 to 30/11/2011
01/09/2010 to 31/05/2011
01/06/2010 to 31/12/2011
01/01/2010 to 31/01/2011
01/09/2009 to 31/12/2010


08 May 2014

Of Tow Trucks and Building Data: Georgian Government Pays Lip Service to Open Government

Last week, the Ministry of Justice, the agency tasked with elaborating and implementing the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Georgia, hosted the latest in a series of civil society-oriented meetings to discuss the first draft of the second action plan it prepared for the OGP. Despite lasting over three hours, it is not clear what we can take away from the meeting.

15 April 2014

Visualizing for Data-driven Advocacy: New Partners, New Projects

Over the past several months, JumpStart has been hard at work launching the project Visualizing for Data-Driven Advocacy. Within the framework of this exciting new project, we have teamed up with four local civil society organizations to add value to their advocacy campaigns through data analysis and visualization. Not only have we provided monthly trainings and educational material so that our partners can learn to run effective advocacy campaigns using data, but we’ve lent our expertise in data collection, analysis and visualization to their efforts.

27 February 2014

Useful Tools For Data Journalists

On February 13 2014, a group of around 20 individuals, most of whom were journalists, activists, students, and programmers, gathered in the central Tbilisi office of JumpStart Georgia for a screening of the documentary film Our Currency is Information, created by the Tactical Tech Collective; a US based non-governmental organization dedicated to the use of information in activism.

10 February 2014

How Long Should Georgia's Civil Society Wait?

On the first Wednesday of every month, people from several Georgian civil society organizations, government ministries and state agencies, gather at the Ministry of Justice to make decisions and talk about Georgia’s participation in the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

03 February 2014

Girls That Code: A new initiative to support and inspire coding skills in Georgia

We at JumpStart think there is a lot of potential for this workshop and type of outreach. It is definitely filling a huge gap in Georgia, where the Ministry of Education is struggling to get even traditional education standards in line with other countries. There is no data available yet on how public education (both schools and universities) is meeting the demand of the market, since there is no good data on what the market is demanding. Georgia is in transition. However, Georgia is a country with few natural resources to speak of except for its human capacity. With this in mind, it seems to me that education should play a central role in developing a sustainable human economic resource that is competitive both locally and globally.