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We create tools, visualizations, and data that communicate, engage, and impact society.

Engaging audiences is more than just building a fancy website or graphic. We build tools that solve real-world problems by transforming data into engaging media that communicates. Be it infographics, interactive and exploratory data-driven web applications, video, mixed media storytelling, and more, the tool should allow organizations to achieve their objectives by communicating messages properly.

Past work includes:

10/03/2014 to 10/01/2015
01/12/2013 to 30/11/2014
21/10/2013 to 28/10/2013


08 December 2015

Removing the Barriers to Data About Georgia’s Children

As a child in Georgia, you are 3 times more likely to find substandard plumbing in rural schools than in urban schools and you are 17 times more likely to find toilets outside the school building in rural schools than in urban schools.

16 October 2015

Bringing data visualization to the masses - offline!

Data visualization plays a key role in the communications work that we do at JumpStart. We've been visualizing the news in Georgia since the end of 2012 and been using big data for much longer beginning with our Georgian street mapping project. One aspect of our work that we have always found lacking is our ability to take our online visualizations offline so we could reach new networks that our online stories simply weren't reaching.

08 May 2015

Gender Pay Game among the Data Journalism Awards 2015 finalists

JumpStart's Gender Pay Game was selected as one of the finalists of the Data Journalism Awards 2015.  From among nearly 500 submissions, Global Editors Network (GEN) selected 78 outstanding entries.

29 May 2014

Storytelling: An Agent of Creativity and Change in Georgia

You cannot (and should not) just throw a spreadsheet into someone's lap and expect that to make your case. Nor can you expect most busy people to read a thirty-page report. What you can do is break research and communication into chunks or stages. Organizations should view each chunk as an opportunity to communicate with one or many potential audiences. Explore what media speaks to each target audience.