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We create tools, visualizations, and data that communicate, engage, and impact society.

Engaging audiences is more than just building a fancy website or graphic. We build tools that solve real-world problems by transforming data into engaging media that communicates. Be it infographics, interactive and exploratory data-driven web applications, video, mixed media storytelling, and more, the tool should allow organizations to achieve their objectives by communicating messages properly.

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07 December 2010

Part Three – Getting the Data Out There

This is part three of a three-part series about online maps in Georgia. In my previous installments I covered the basic of online map providers and compared the maps for Georgia. So as I’ve tried to describe, there are a number of platforms out there where we’d like to see maps of Georgia. In this final installment, I’ll try to answer some of the questions that I am most commonly asked. Here it goes!

Why are you mapping Georgia?

29 November 2010

Online Maps

Online maps are getting more and more pervasive these days, thanks in large part to the brilliant engineers at Google and Microsoft, and no less the nascent neo-geographer movement and the overall democratization of maps. I get a lot of questions nowadays about online maps in Georgia along the lines of: Why are you mapping Georgia? Why isn’t Georgia on Google Maps? Will we have Google Street View in Georgia soon? Why doesn’t the government take care of this?