We Educate

We partner with organizations to strengthen advocacy campaigns through the visual representation of data.

We conduct trainings and workshops with a wide range of organizations to strengthen their ability to use data. By focusing on the three main components - collecting data, analyzing data, communicating data - we provide a flexible template that organizations can apply to their projects as well as to their organization.

Our approach is goal driven. We focus on skills and processes that lead to better communication with target audiences and thus increase the likelihood of a project's success.

Past trainings have focused on:

  • data visualization
  • data journalism: data collection, analysis, and story telling
  • integrating data into project proposals with a design for communication
  • data exploration using R
  • data/information management for effective communication
03 February 2014

Girls That Code: A new initiative to support and inspire coding skills in Georgia

We at JumpStart think there is a lot of potential for this workshop and type of outreach. It is definitely filling a huge gap in Georgia, where the Ministry of Education is struggling to get even traditional education standards in line with other countries. There is no data available yet on how public education (both schools and universities) is meeting the demand of the market, since there is no good data on what the market is demanding. Georgia is in transition. However, Georgia is a country with few natural resources to speak of except for its human capacity. With this in mind, it seems to me that education should play a central role in developing a sustainable human economic resource that is competitive both locally and globally.

20 January 2014

Visualizing for Data-driven Advocacy: A Useful Checklist

Whether your organization is a big International Non-Governmental Organization that enjoys widespread visibility, or a small locally based Civil Society Organization, you could probably use some help to ensure that your campaigns are effective in delivering your message to the intended audience. While campaigners, governments, and donors have become increasingly aware of the power of data, it can still be hard to figure out what opportunities exist for your own organization. What data is persuasive? What does it take to manage it? How can it best be presented and to what audience? Essentially, how can data best be used in your advocacy campaign?

21 January 2013

An Introductory Training in Data Exploration using R

Are you interested in learning more about how to explore and use data to achieve your goals? Are you a journalist interested in data exploration and visualization but don’t know where to start to pick up the skills you need? Do you want to move beyond mere text and begin to show information and tell stories with graphics?