Economic Policy Fact Checker


25/07/2012 to 15/09/2012
Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)

JumpStart Georgia is preparing an online application to interpret economic policy statements by members of seven large political parties in Georgia.

By recording and evaluating individual statements, the Economic Policy Research Center, Liberal Academy Tbilisi, International School of Economics At Tbilisi State University, and Transparency International Georgia seek to document, interpret, and visualize for the public how Georgian political parties' stances on six economic categories change over time.

The product - an intuitive way for Georgians to understand what parties are promising and how that changes over time. Prior to the parliamentary elections in 2012 and presidential elections in 2013, the platform is an excellent way to follow the promises political parties are making. After the elections it will be a good way to hold political parties to account for the promises they have made.