Election Data Project


01/05/2011 to 27/08/2012
National Democratic Institute (NDI)

Prior to parliamentary elections in October 2012 and presidential elections in 2013, NDI collaborated with JumpStart to build an application to open up and visualize both election and voter list data originally provided by Georgia’s Central Election Commission.

Each election and voter list has its own list of data indicators that are presented using a thematic map and allows users to explore each indicator’s data at country, region, district and precinct levels. Each indicator and view is exportable as an SVG file (map) and as an XLS file (data).

Never before has so much Georgian election-related information been as accessible and usable by the public. JumpStart Georgia is excited to help make this a reality.

27 August 2012

Election Data Goes Live!

For the first time in Georgia, any organization, be it non-governmental, journalistic, public, or commercial can access election result information as well as voter list information online and in an easy way.