04/02/2013 to 08/03/2013

It seems like every other man you meet in Georgia is named Giorgi and most women are named Nino.  JumpStart wanted to figure out just how popular names are in Georgia and was presented with the opportunity to do so while working on the Georgian Election Data Project.  In addition to visualizing election results, the Georgian Election Data Project also visualized the complete list of voters.  This voters list contains such information as people's first names, last names and birth dates, and since the last census in Georgia was in 2002, the voters list was the most recently complete list of people in Georgia.  Well, at least for people 18 and over since the list is only for people that are eligible to vote.

We used the August 2012 voters list for our analysis which contained a total of 3,613,745 people.  We found that there were 47,180 unique first names and 74,481 unique last names.  At least 1/3 of all unique last names were hyphenated names due to married women keeping their maiden name and adding on their husband's family name.  The most common age was 22 and the oldest person was 132.

As for Giorgi, this was the most popular name in Georgia with 115,360 people having this name.  Nino was the second most popular name in Georgia with 81,036 people having this name.

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  • List of top 10 first and last names
  • Search by first name, last name and full name
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