01/02/2011 to 12/06/2012
JumpStart International
Open Society Foundations
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USD 70,060

Through TbiliCity, JumpStart Georgia seeks to build tools around issues that matter in Tbilisi: public transportation, public utilities, the municipal budget, and more. Largely inspired by the open data movement, through TbiliCity we are translating data into something fundamentally useful to the residents of Tbilisi.


23 October 2011

Information Works for Us

If you look at Google Maps today, you will find significantly more information than you would have found a year ago. Villages are popping up where there were none. Soon you will start to see streets, points of interest and more. This is largely a concerted effort by us, your local JumpStart Georgia (formerly Open Maps Caucasus) and the National Public Registry of Georgia.

21 July 2011

The Value of Knowing Where the Bus Stops Are

We want to give a big thanks today to the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC) for sharing geo data with us and supporting our project TbiliCity. They have made large contribution of current bus routing and bus stop data, saving us, and potentially other organizations, the pain of reinventing this wheel - a wheel originally paid for with public tax payer money. This is what we are having to do with marshrutkas. Hey, if not us, who would do this?