Tbilisi Minibus (marshrutka) Routes

At the time we needed minibus (marshrutka) route information, all minibus routes were available in narrative format only. This means it was in the format "turn left here, make a right on this street, etc." We didn't think that was acceptable, given that this kind of information ought to include geodata and be available in standard geodata formats. This includes shapefiles, geojson, and other formats.

JumpStart Georgia, with funding from Open Society Foundations, traced by hand each set of instructions into QGIS and finally completed mapping the minibus routes on 06 April 2012. As of that date, these routes reflect the minubus routes.

Keep in mind many changes in this area happen quickly and are not always publicly announced. If there is a change, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try to update the dataset.

JumpStart Georgia
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სამშაბათი, 26 ივნისი, 2012
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